The Snapchat ad platform is highly versatile with multiple ad formats that suit different marketing objectives. Partnering with experts that have in-depth knowledge about Snapchat’s marketing capabilities, features, and secrets is important to ensure a successful campaign. Taktical Digital is one such agency that can help you build a Snapchat advertising campaign that will achieve your business goals.

Snapchat Campaign Services has never been easier thanks to the new Ads Manager. This self-serve platform allows businesses of all sizes to get started with a single ad in minutes and build advertising campaigns on any budget. You can also measure and optimize campaigns for the results you care about, including app installs, engagement and more. With tools like goal-based bidding, Campaign Lab and Snap Pixel — you can form hypotheses, experiment, discover effective strategies and maximize ROI.

Snapping into Success: Exploring Snapchat Campaign Services

Snapchat’s ephemeral content encourages users to interact with your brand quickly and effectively. This is especially true when used for time-sensitive promotions or events. Its precision targeting options can reach your ideal audience based on their demographics, interests, behaviors, and location.

Snapchat’s ad formats include Commercials, which are non-skippable video ads that appear within the platform’s curated content; Top Snap Ads, which show a full-screen image or video that’s visible to consumers at the top of their feed; and Geofilters, which can be placed on images or videos in specific neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, shops and more. The ad platform also has Collection Ads, which feature four tappable tiles to showcase products and drive customers to your website or mobile app.