Fraud is a serious threat to all businesses, especially those in the ecommerce and financial industry. It may come in the form of a fraudulent credit card transaction, fake reviews, phishing, SMS pumping or failed attribution fraud (clicks that don’t receive click attribution). The costs can be substantial: lost revenue, customer refunds, chargebacks and compliance fines.

How do you create an anti fraud program?

That’s why companies rely on anti fraud API to protect them against these crimes. They act like a digital sentinel, constantly monitoring all transactions and bookings in real time to spot any suspicious activity. They use intricate algorithms to assess data patterns and flag anything that looks out of the ordinary. And thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, these systems can learn over time, detecting new fraud patterns and even anticipating future scam techniques.

Modern fraud detection APIs are crafted for ease of integration, allowing you to customize the parameters that best fit your business model. This flexibility is important because every company has its own security challenges and specific threats to counteract. It’s the same as tailoring a suit: you need a tool that is designed with your unique needs in mind.

SEON API has a wide range of tools to combat these threats, including Bot Detection, Proxy & VPN Detection, Email Validation, and Device Fingerprinting. They also offer a number of advanced services such as behavioural analytics, identity resolution, KYC and more. You can try them out for yourself with 50 cents free credit!