certified land surveyor in York Pennsylvania

Certified land surveyor in York Pennsylvania  provide accurate measurements of the earth’s surface and its features. This data helps with construction, development, and legal disputes. They also document historical sites. In addition, land surveys help ensure property lines are clear, which can prevent disputes with neighbors. Getting a professional surveyor to perform a survey can save money in the long run.

A land survey can be beneficial for many reasons, including providing legal clarity, reducing property disputes with neighbors and increasing resale value. It can also help with construction & development projects and guide property line adjustments. Generally, the person or entity that requires the survey will cover its cost. However, it is not uncommon for title companies to offer the service as part of a real estate transaction.

Navigating Property Boundaries: How to Choose a Certified Land Surveyor in York, PA

When a licensed surveyor’s license is threatened, he or she needs to seek the help of a skilled attorney. Joseph D. Lento has helped countless professionals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania defend against licensing board accusations of misconduct.

A qualified lawyer can prepare a thorough defense strategy and represent the surveyor during all proceedings. The lawyer can negotiate a consent decree with the licensing board or fight to preserve the surveyor’s license. In the absence of a consent decree, the next step is a formal hearing, which may be conducted in front of the board itself or an Administrative Law Judge. The board will determine whether the case merits disciplinary action, which could include losing your license as a surveyor.