Feminine Health

Feminine Health

Women’s bodies go through major changes during their lifetimes, leading to a variety of health concerns. These include mental health issues like stress and anxiety, sexual health and fertility problems in the teen years, as well as after menopause.

Vaginal Health

A healthy vagina is a crucial part  Flower Power of the overall health of a woman, which can affect fertility and desire for sex. It can also impact self-esteem and confidence.

Vaginal health is affected by certain conditions and treatments, including pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, scarring from certain surgeries or cancer treatment, and pregnancy. In addition, use of some antibiotics can increase the risk of a vaginal yeast infection.

Understanding the Female Anatomy: A Beginner’s Guide

Pelvic floor relaxation is a rare condition that can cause painful sex, pain during urination and bladder leakage (urgency). It occurs when the ligaments and connective tissues that hold the uterus, bladder and vaginal walls in place become weak.

Other rare conditions that can affect a woman’s vaginal health are cysts and vaginal cancer. If you have these conditions, see your health care provider immediately to treat them.

Cleanse the vulva and vagina regularly to prevent infections and odors. Wash the area with warm water and dry it thoroughly. Wear clothing that allows the vulva to breathe, such as cotton underwear rather than silk or polyester.

Women’s health is a global challenge and deserves special attention. It is a key part of the global innovation pipeline and presents significant opportunities to improve the lives of women. To maximise its impact, women’s health needs to be redefined and prioritised as a holistic issue. Moreover, a systematic approach to the collection, analysis and reporting of health data is needed.