With High-Quality Installation overcrowded with teenagers and new releases ‘out on Blu-ray almost as soon as they leave the big screen, home entertainment systems are more popular than ever. And thanks to advances in technology, creating a superlative picture palace is now surprisingly affordable.

One such eye-catching media room was carved from the cellar of this London townhouse by professional installers Finite Solutions. The end result is a cinema that is equal parts eye-catching and genuinely jaw-dropping to experience. ‘It can effortlessly handle anything you put through it, from action movies to delicate classical music,’ says owner James Cotton.

Hidden Gems: Innovative Home Cinema Storage Solutions by Finite Solutions

The key to this impressive setup is a bespoke cinema room build that has been designed and engineered for acoustics. This is vital to ensure that sound does not reverberate around the space or escape outside, potentially disturbing neighbours. To help this, a double layer of acoustic plasterboard (try Gyproc SoundBloc) with green glue sandwiched between is used, which absorbs the sound waves and converts them to heat.

Adding to this acoustic treatment are SoundSuede acoustic fabric-wrapped panels in Boysenberry that were installed intermittently along the walls to absorb the sound and improve the intelligibility of film audio. The system also includes a JVC projector and a Screen Research screen. A Control 4 and Lutron Grafik Eye QS integrated lighting array is used, with the ‘Movie Mode’ preset controlling the lights to dim and lower blinds when it’s movie time.