Whether you want to burn calories, boost your metabolism or just keep moving while working at your desk, an under desk walking treadmill is a great way to fit exercise into your workday. But before you start working out under your chair, it’s a good idea to discuss your new workout plan with your doctor, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or physical limitations. And if you’re not already walking while you work, we suggest slowly increasing your duration and speed over time to help your body adjust.

How much do desk treadmills cost?

Size & Dimensions

Because under desk treadmills are smaller and more compact than traditional treadmills, you’ll want to pay attention to the dimensions to make sure they’ll fit in your workspace. Also, be sure to check the maximum weight capacity and choose a model that’s sturdy enough for your frame.

While most are designed for walking, you can also use some models to jog and run. However, be aware that these treadmills won’t reach the high speeds you’d expect from a standard model and are best for light jogging or casual walking.

Features & Options

Many under-desk treadmills come with extra features to enhance the experience and motivate you to walk while you work. For example, some offer built-in screens that display metrics like distance and calories burned, while others are compatible with third-party apps. You can even find models that have a remote control, so you can change the speed or pause the belt with just a click.