What to say when blowing cinnamon spice that’s often used in the autumn to give our homes that cozy feeling. But did you know that it is also believed to attract abundance and prosperity? As the leaves start to turn, many people are embracing the belief that blowing cinnamon at their front door can invite these positive vibes into their home.

Magical Whispers: Choosing the Perfect Words for Cinnamon Rituals

All you need to do is place about a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in the palm of your hand and step outside your front door while it’s still open, says Rose. Blow the cinnamon into your house from the outside, visualizing abundance and success entering together with it. If you feel comfortable, you can speak your intention aloud — it amplifies it and confirms to the universe that you are ready to receive.

You can also perform this ritual at your shop or business to welcome success and abundance into your professional endeavours. And since it is believed that the scent of cinnamon helps keep mice and rats away, you can even sprinkle it throughout your home or office to keep those pesky pests at bay.

Experts advise that you leave the cinnamon where it lands for a day, so that its energy has time to settle into your space. After that, you can sweep it into a dustpan and dump it somewhere outside like a garden so nature can take it back to the earth. As a reminder, it’s important to practice this ritual consistently — it may not work overnight but eventually, you should see the fruits of your labour!